Why choose local, seasonal, sustainable flowers?

Because they look better, smell better, they're better for you, and better for the environment! 

Ok so we've established that they're better. But why? The world-wide flower industry is huge. Americans use a lot of flowers, and want every variety year-round. Most of those flowers take quite the trip to make it to your event or kitchen table, and many of them have a not-so-pretty history! The flowers I use in my arrangements are grown using organic practices, so they aren't coated in nasty pesticides. They have never been on an airplane, so they have a much smaller carbon footprint. After a long voyage, flowers look tired and worn. Many don't make the cut when they reach florists, creating large amounts of waste.

There's nothing quite like a fresh-picked bouquet for the beauty, scent, and a feeling of "right-ness" that comes with seasonal flowers. Flowers are always beautiful, but there's a fresh cleanliness that can only come from local, seasonal, sustainably grown flowers.  

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